Terms and Conditions

Star Rent a car renter’s qualification


Be over 23 years of age to qualify for the groups MCMR, EDMR and CCMR and have a valid driving license issued at least four years ago. For all other car groups, the renter must be over 25 years old and have a valid driving license issued at least 5 years ago.


A valid driver’s license for all named drivers, valid for a minimum of 12 months. Driver’s licenses printed in non-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be accompanied by an international driver’s license. Any driver’s license originating from countries not part of the international driver’s license treaty must also be accompanied by an official translation.

In Greece renters coming from outside the EU must possess and International Driving Permit (IDP)

Upon collection a valid ID card or passport will also need to be presented.


Have a personal credit card

Vehicle Collection

When collecting the vehicle, the renter will be given a Rental Agreement which has to check and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all services and insurances provided as well as any extra services/insurances that the renter might request with their relevant charges.
It is very important that the renter checks and reports any means of damages on the vehicle in order to avoid any charges regarding damages caused by a previous renter. The renter has to sign at collection/delivery a condition form for any damages on the vehicle.
Collection / Delivery
Free of charge from 9am to 9pm (middle-full season)
Free of charge from 9am to 8pm (low season)
Extra charge 20euros (middle-full season) for not working hours
Extra charge 10euros( low season) for not working hours


All vehicles have a third partie insurance.
For full insurance you have to contact us.

Extra Charges

All rentals are charged based on a 24 hour billing period. Only when a rental exceeds a cycle of 24 hours will any additional day(s) charge apply.

Lost or damage of key

In case of loss or damage of car key during the rental, the renter is liable for following charges:
80,00€ for car groups MCMR, EDMR, CCMR
100,00€ for car groups CDMR, IDMR, SDMR, CDAR, SDAR, CWMR, SVMR, CFMN, ITMR
200,00€ for car groups FVMR, PDMR, XDMR, FFMR


If you have booked a prepaid reservation you will be charged a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be up to 3 days of the rental rate including additional extras. If the rental is less than 3 days, the cancellation fee will be the full rental amount.
There is no refund in case of cancellation of the contract.


In case the renter fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start date and time without any written or telephone conversation, we will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. We reserve the right to charge the renter a one day rental of the car group reserved.

General Terms

Ferrying the car

Ferrying the car: It is forbidden
In case the renter returns the vehicle and it’s cabin has stains which require a special cleaning procedure he will have to pay the damages.

Rental extension

If the renter wants to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, he will have to contact us in order to extend his Rental Agreement.
If he does not he will be charged the double price by day the vehicle has to be refueled by the client.

Parking fines/ traffic offences

The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic offence fines and related administration fees incurred during their rental period.